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Picture of the mystery shack. It has had more character development than Mable’s friend Candy.

Today I will be giving a recap of Gravity Falls season 1 for you readers. Season 1 will be split between two paragraphs, first ten and the last ten. Obviously, spoiler warning even though it ended in early 2016. If you haven’t watched it, go watch it. It’s a really good show and it’s on Disney plus as of writing this. Gravity Falls is a Disney mystery show set in the fictional town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. The show follows the twins Dipper and Mable as they are sent by their parents to their great uncle’s house for the summer. They go on wacky adventures and there are many fictional creatures such as gnomes, ghosts, and an evil triangle named Bill Cipher who looks like a Dorito.


Dipper and Mable arrive in Gravity Falls Oregon, meet there great uncle Stan, learn about his tourist trap called the mystery shack, and Dipper finds a mysterious journal with a six fingered hand with the number three on the front. Diaper thinks Mable’s new boyfriend is a zombie but he is actually a bunch of gnomes. Episode two has them and Soos going to a weird island to try to find the Gobblewonker. The Gobblewonker turns out to be a robot made by an old man called old man Mcguckit in the show. Episode three is just a filler plot about evil wax statues so let’s go to episode four. In episode four the twins meet a “psychic child” Gideon. Gideon has a big crush on Mable and we learn his powers come from his medallion necklace thing.Episode five and six are random filler other than introducing Wendy, the girl Diaper has a crush on., and Robby who also has a crush on Wendy but Robbie is Wendy’s ex. In episode seven we are introduced to three new characters, Candy, Grenada, and Pacifica Northwest. Candy and Grenda become Mable’s friends and Pacifica becomes Mable’s enemy. Episode eight is a random filler with some message I think. Episode nine has Mable win a pig and she names it Waddles. Waddles will become important later. Episode ten has Dipper and Robbie work together. It also has a side plot about Mabel and Stan which is a really funny side plot.


Episode 11 is a filler about a crystal that can change the size of things when attached to a flashlight. In episode 12 we learn about a holiday called Summerween, the summer version of Halloween. And the monster called the summerween trickster. The summerween trickster is made of discarded candy, like licorice. Episode 13 is another filler about Mable becoming the boss of the mystery shack for a day. 14 is another filler about them falling into a bottomless pit that spits you out at the top. Episode 15 has Mable falling in love with a merman and nothing really important happens other than Mable having another failed relationship. Episode 16 is another filler about a body swapping carpet. Does it make more sense in the show, no. Episode 17 is another Mable filler but with her friends. They really wanted you to like Mable before season 2. In episode 18 a pterodactyl takes Waddles, told you he would be important. They then find out that a bunch of dinosaurs are under the town, preserved and are melting out of their casing. Also Stan betrayed Mable’s trust and she acts like he doesn’t exist until the end of the episode showing that Mable is petty. In episode 19 Bill Cipher is introduced and he tries to get the dead to the Mystery Shack by getting the code for the safe it’s in from Stan’s mind. He falls but Gidian still gets it. Then in episode 20, the last one of this season, is very long and packed full of content so I will briefly summarize it and only have the important things. Without the mystery shack, Stan decides to send them back to their parents. Gideon goes after them after realizing he got the third one from Dipper and thinks that Dipper has the first one as well. So he goes after the twins in a big robot, falls at the last minute because of Dipper, and they get the Mystery Shack back.


So there you have it. A recap for season 1 of Gravity Falls. There is a lot that I left out. So go watch it if it sounds interesting. I tried to leave out as many spoilers as I could. Next time I will make one for season 2.


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