How Can Ram Time Help Students?


Penns Valley High school has something called Ram time. I will explain how you can make use of ram time. First let me tell you what ram time is, ram time in Penns Valley High school is a time at the end of the day where you get time to complete missing work, homework, or any work for that matter. It’s a time of the day that the school gives you time to complete your work. I will tell you how to manage your time and take advantage of it. I will also tell you if it is useful or not. 

Ram time is the most useful time to do your work. One advantage you get from ram time is that you get more time to complete some assignments or get a head start on your homework. To get the most amount of work done, you have to not procrastinate or get distracted. Also, you should be respectful to the people around you that are trying to work. So, stay quiet and do your work. You have to make the best of your time because it doesn’t last forever. To be exact, ram time is 36 minutes long. (2:39-3:15)

If you are able to not procrastinate or stay focused then you can manage your time well. Ram time is able to help students that were absent by giving them a chance to catch up on work or finish late work at school and not on their own time. It gives students a chance to complete their work in school instead of it being on the student’s own time. Ram time can really help students that don’t have time to finish their assignments. 

These are my reasons on how students can take advantage of ram time. These are also my reasons on why/how ram time in the Penns Valley high school can help students. Ram time is a great time that the Penns Valley High School offers you that you should take advantage of. Thank you for taking the time to read my article about how you can make use of the time you have during ram time!

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