Penns Valley and It’s New Additions


Penns Valley is always changing, from renovations to teachers’ classrooms moving around the school. A change that we experience almost every year is new teachers! This year we have Ms.Williams, and Mr. Robson, and Mr. Phillips. 

Ms. Williams is the new chemistry teacher. She definitely has a handful going on with being the new chemistry teacher. To say the least, she is doing a great job. Being a new teacher isn’t an easy job, especially teaching such an important subject to so many students.

 “I love her, she is a great teacher and I enjoy her class every day.” Morgan Shaffer said. Morgan has Ms. Willams’s fourth block and really enjoys the energy she brings to the class every day. 

Mr. Robson is now the physics teacher. It isn’t easy being a first-year teacher and teaching such a hard subject. I have heard many good things about his class and how people are able to do well in his class. 

I asked Sara Floray about what she thought about his class and she had many positive things to say about him and his class. “ He is a really great teacher. At first, it can be hard trying to learn it, but once you understand how he teaches it’s a breeze. He is willing to help you with anything whenever. Many people go back at ram time and are doing really well in his class.” I think many people besides Sara really enjoy his class.

 Mr. Phillips is the new tech ed teacher. This was a really enjoyable class when I took it in 7th grade. There are many new things to learn and adjust to when it comes to teaching this class. You have to know how to work the apps that the students use and be able to demonstrate how to work it well enough that they can use it properly and be creative about it. He also leads rambotics and other clubs. I can’t wait to see how clubs like those will strive with him being the new teacher. 

Mr. Phillips has a lot to do not just teaching, but as well as clubs and other extracurriculars. I can’t wait to see how much these new teachers impact Penns Valley.