On a call, or in the hall?


Kyle Conrad

Zoom is a tool we have become very accustomed to lately because of the Covid-19 outbreak, but since the covid vaccine has been invented more and more places have been reopening. This has also happened at Penns Valley, in which they removed online school. One of the reasons Penns Valley no longer provides online school is because we have the necessary items to be able to go back to school and it was also a hassle for the teachers. Online school is a thing some people enjoy and some people don’t. These are some of the things students, who were online all last year, said when I interviewed them about online schooling by asking the question “What is your opinion on online school no longer being provided in our school district,” the first person, whose name is Branden, said that them not offering online schooling was a dumb idea and that he learns better online because he can concentrate more and work better in the quiet. My second person, whose name is AJ, also said it is dumb that they aren’t offering online school anymore, but his reasoning was different, he wants online school since he doesn’t think certain people feel safe in a school with a bunch of people while COVID still exists even though the vaccine is now widely available. Finally, the third person, whose name is Liam, said that he’s sad about online school leaving since his friends who really enjoyed it are now doing cyber school and he doesn’t get to see them at all now. These interviews are from some of the school students that were online last year and even though they were all for different reasons, they all wanted online school back.