Fright night tonight or tomorrow?

Kyle Conrad

Fright night tonight or tomorrow?

Halloween, a popular scary holiday featured around pumpkins, has had its whole trick or treating aspect, which is when you go from house to house in a costume and ask for candy, moved to Saturday. Before you say, “Why would they do that, doing that ruins the purpose,” you first have to think about how it’s usually on Sunday and how moving it makes it so more people can participate. 

First, more people can participate in trick or treating if it’s on Saturday since it no longer makes it a school night, allowing students to participate. Second, moving trick or treating to Saturday makes it so trick or treating is no longer on a weekday if Halloween isn’t on Sunday. Third, moving trick or treating to Saturday allows religious people to do what they want to do on Sunday instead of skipping trick or treating. And finally having trick or treating on Saturday also allows the county to have more people trick or treating there since everyone won’t be trick or treating at a bigger county.

I also asked some people about their opinion on trick or treating being on Saturday and here are their responses, the first response was from Mrs. Ripka and she said that “Trick or Treating should be on Halloween or it ruins the purpose of Trick or Treating.” The second person, named Bryce, said that “You get candy either way, so I think it’s fine.” The third and final person, whose name is Logan, said that Trick or treating is perfectly fine being on Saturday because it allows more people to participate in the event, which is always a good thing.

Everyone may have different opinions on trick or treating being on Saturday, but one thing you have to admit is that it overall won’t affect the event.

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