How Covid Affected PV Sports


Lilyana Treweek

How covid Affected PV Sports


            Last Spring when covid hit it caused a lot of things to happen,  including all sports to shut down. All high school sports were gone. But they are slowly coming back. Penns Valley  High School in particular shut down completely in March of 2020. The main plan that  Penns Valley Area School District had was to come back to school in 10 days, but when covid cases and death numbers got worse in those ten days the Penns Valley school district decided it would be best to do school work from home to finish out the year. So students were assigned work by their teachers to do at home but there were no zoom meetings at that time. In  September of 2020 Penn Valley started school again. They started in person with masks,  6ft social distance, and many more regulations.  With a few more shutdowns throughout the year,  due to covid numbers getting too high,  they finally ended the most difficult school year of schooling that most students and teachers had ever had. 

      This year in August of 2021 Penns Valley started school again along with most sports. When asked about how it made students feel to have sports back this year, Chloe Showers from 7th grade who plays JH soccer said “ It’s Real exciting to get back into it.”  Peyton Confer also from 7th grade who plays JH Volleyball said “I’m just very happy”. 

    In school students and staff are still required to wear a mask, but in most sports, while playing they do not have to be masked. In some sports, just for the safety of the players, they are still wearing masks. Penns Valley’s hopes for the future are for covid numbers to go down and then not have to mask at all. Covid majorly affected school and sports but Penns Valley has done whatever it takes to get their sports teams back to playing normally.