There Are More to Mask Breaks Than We Think


Sam Ewaskiewicz

Photo of a mask lying on the ground outside of the school.

 There has been more of an emphasis put on mask breaks this year. Students now get 10 minutes in every class to take their masks off and have a break. That break may be outside depending on the weather or in the small gym. 

Masks breaks I personally think are very important to have and really make a difference during the school day. There’s more to mask breaks than just taking a break to get some fresh air. These breaks are also mental breaks. When you’re in a hard class and are really working hard it feels good to step out of the classroom and take a break. You feel refreshed and are able to return feeling good. 

There may also be other classes out on a mask break which also gives you time to talk to your friends for a little. Or if you’re in the small gym people like to get together and play knockout, horse, or other basketball games. Many people like to socialize and just take a mental break throughout the school day.

I asked some students about how they felt about mask breaks and Ava VanAmburg said, “I like them because they’re longer. It feels like a good break away from the work that you’re doing.¨ 

In conclusion, I think that these breaks have many benefits to students mentally and really make a difference in a students day and their attitude and allow them to clear their mind. I personally think that even when we do not need to wear masks anymore I think that these should still be included in the school day.