Best Winter Activities in Central PA


  1. Snowboarding/Skiing

Snowboarding and skiing can be a very fun hobbies and activity to get into during the winter. While it is good exercise and keeps you in shape, it can be as physically demanding and difficult as you want it to be. It is relativity cheap to buy used equipment to get started. This makes it a good activity for all ages and skill levels. Lift tickets can be expensive, so make sure to look for coupons and go on weekdays when the lift lines are not crowded and you can get as many runs as possible for your money.

2. Sledding

Sledding can be fun on a snow day. All you need is a sled, snow, and a hill. You just walk to the top and slide down. It can get very tiring to repeatably walk up the hill but it is fun coming down. It gets old after 5 runs so it is not my favorite activity but it can be fun for small children. To make it more interesting you could build big ramps along the hill.

3. Watch Harry Potter

When you are sore from skiing or walking up a snowy hill it is great to watch a good movie/movies. My personal favorite series is Harry Potter. You can watch all of them on HBO max as well as Free Form who has marathons quite often.