Bob Saget


Bob Lane Saget was a stand up comedian, actor and a television host. He was involved in the famous television show Full house and new show called Fuller house. He played the role of Danny Tanner, the dad of DJ Tanner, Stephanie Tanner, and Michelle tanner. He was also the voice of Ted Mosby on the CBS sitcom ¨how  I met your mother.¨ Bob was born May 17th, 1956 in Philadelphia, PA. Saget was 65 when he unfortunately passed away and was found dead on Sunday January 9th 2022. In his Orlando hotel room after his family asked for a wellness check by security. He was on tour at the time and presented 2 shows in Florida on January 7th and on January 8th. People say that he died peacefully in his sleep but it is not confirmed yet. Saget channeled his grief into helping others and his friends are doing the same in the wake of his death. So they would like to help others and do the same that he did once upon a time. He was also well known for his crass humor he brought to the table something that people really enjoyed about him. Bob Saget spent hours before his last stand up comedian show talking about all the love he had for his wife Kelly Rizzo while sipping some tea with stand up comedian Tim Wilkins. People all over the world will always love and miss Bob Saget for his funny jokes and for the famous show full house and fuller house. I know I love full and fuller house and if they come out with a new season with him not in it it will never be the same without him in it.