Breaking Bad Review

Breaking bad is a drama series that takes place in New Mexico. Chemistry professor named Walter White who is diagnosed with cancer and begins to cook and sell crystal meth to pay for his treatment and provide for his family. The direction and plot of this show is excellent. It gives the audience all the information they need and there is no plot holes. The plot moves very smooth and make sense throughout the entire show. The content of the episodes always kept me on my toes and guessing what would happen next. The characters and dialogue in the story are very realistic and believable. The acting is incredible and the audience can relate and feel the characters’ emotions. I feel that while the plot is the best I have ever seen in a show, the characters are what make you keep watching. I feel that most shows that come out these days are meant to have a plot and story that can continue on indefinitely so the media company can make the most profit, this can cause shows  to fall apart and be cancelled before they can end. Breaking Bad is not like this. I think what makes the show so good is that it was designed to have an ending that makes sense and gives the audience closure and this makes it very satisfying to watch. The editing throughout the series is perfection, background music is rarely used and low levels of noise are used to put the audience on edge and add to the realism and reasonableness of the story line. While action does happen, quick cuts are not used throughout the series. Single frames are used frequently to highlight characters and specific objects that are symbols within the show, like Walter’s hat or the pink teddy bear. Single frames are used often to call attention to Walter’s massive ego and how he is living in his own reality by the end of the show.