An Introduction to Diversity Club

What are we doing on the Rambling Rams website?


Crab Ewaskiewicz

It’s Friday. As everyone else is traversing the halls to head to their RAM times, we excuse ourselves to the auditorium, to sign in, to sit down in a seat, and wait for our club to begin. Finally, Diversity Club is in session.

But what is Diversity Club? Founded by Charlie Durklec (class of 2019), this club hopes to promote diversity of all kinds: race, culture, gender, and disability. By promoting diversity, we hope to create a more accepting, welcoming attitude in our school. As of right now, we are planning to hold events in school to show our values and help create an inviting environment. As Diversity Club’s student leader, I am proud to announce our newest project: I will begin writing articles monthly for the school newspaper.

In these articles, I will center on issues for each month; for example, in February the article will be centered around Valentine’s Day. As we leave off on this note, I’d ask: what would you like to see from this series? Be it gender talk, people’s experiences, history- whatever comes to mind!

I’d also like to remind others that we are here. We are able to be a safe space if you need it. We are also here for allies to join. Before this article, I sent a survey around. In it, I found responses like: “I am here because I have friends here.” “I am here because it is a safe space from discrimination.” “I joined to make new friends.” All of these are reasons you could join! So, if you think you would benefit from going to Diversity Club, please join. We would love to have you!