Finals Week

With the end of the semester right around the corner, finals are approaching too. And along with that, an overload of stress. For me personally, I struggle with preparing for the finals, so here are some tips that can help relieve stress from finals.

First off, avoid the urge to procrastinate. The harsh reality is that the more you procrastinate, the worse your scores will be. Start planning ahead of time, instead of crunching all the work the day before the exam. Putting in the effort at the beginning of the semester means less stress as finals draw near.

Getting a decent amount of sleep at night will help during this stressful week too. All the studying and prep work is much less effective if it is not supplemented by lots of rest. Sleep enhances the mind’s capacity to concentrate and performs an active role in remembering, making it easier to recall what you have studied.

Although this might be pretty hard for some, getting rid of distracting devices will greatly improve your way of studying. Even just turning your phone off for an hour can help your level of concentration.

Lastly, find a space that Is easy for you to study in. Trying to study in a room full of distractions just will not work for studying. Try your best to eliminate these distractions and find a space that contains the right resources, such as a desk, a comfortable seat, proper light, and any other supplies you might need to have a quality study session.