Penns Valley’s 2022 Prom Is on a Roll


Picture taken by Rick Capozzi at the Mountain View Country Club

An email was sent to all juniors and seniors earlier this week with beginning details about prom 2022. It was announced that the prom would take place on Saturday, May 14, 2022. The prom will be hosted at the Mountain View Country Club. Along with announcing a date and location, the email also gave students the option to exchange volunteer hours for a discount or a free ticket to the prom. The email stated that students can sign up outside of Mr. Baldwin’s room (208). By signing up you are giving time to work at the concession stand for the remainder of the sports year. Every time a student works the stand $10 will be taken off of their ticket costs or class dues. As a bonus, those who work will also get a free dinner! If you need help signing up Mr. Baldwin or a class officer can be of assistance to you.

More information about prom is said to be coming within the next few weeks. Be sure to keep a lookout for information such as the times that prom will take place, the total ticket cost each student will be expected to pay, and other miscellaneous information related to prom. Despite not much information being known at this time, it’s looking to be more like a normal prom compared to earlier years.

Last year due to COVID-19 the prom was held outside. It was a great effort by all those who helped and, for the most part, everyone enjoyed it. This year is looking to be more eventful than the past and the word around this school is that the students are already very excited!