Get Shreked: Penns Valley Prepares for Spring Musical


As we approach the spring season, Penns Valley’s musical cast and crew has been cracking down on their upcoming performance, Shrek. The performance will take place two evenings in the first weekend of March; Friday, March 4th, as well as Saturday, March 5th, both at 7:00PM. With less than a month left until their special production, we search to hear the viewpoints of the cast themselves.
It is assured that a vast majority is aware of the main characters in the original Shrek movie. The sassy, smart-mouthed character of Donkey will be played by Jules Black. Jules is in the graduating class this year at Penns Valley and went into auditions looking to receive this part. We were curious as to what Black was looking forward to the most. “I’m just excited to see it all come together because when we practice, it’s in bits and pieces, so we don’t get to see what the final show is going to look like until a few weeks before,” Jules shares.
Eager to hear from the opinionated ogre, Shrek himself, we tracked down Isaac Braucht to hear his thoughts about starring in the nearing show. Isaac is a junior this year at Penns Valley and discussed that a main role wasn’t his initial outlook coming into auditions. “I guess I’ll put this down as a preference and thought, ‘Well if it goes through, it goes through, but it would be fun to be part of the main cast as well,’” Braucht mentions. Isaac also adds that he is ready for specific parts of the performance including singing in a trio, but made sure to keep us on our toes and not give too much away.
The passionate cast and crew of this year’s musical has been working hard since early January to prepare for the show. Other characters in this performance include Fiona, who will be played by Miss Katie Gavek, a senior here this year. As well as Lord Farquad, who will be played by Teagan Weaver, a freshman this year.
Dreamworks Productions, Shrek came out in 2001. Since then, there have been three sequels; Shrek 2, Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After. It was adapted for the stage in 2008 when the first musical was produced and performed.
With much exhilaration, we wish the cast the best of luck in their upcoming show!