Junior High Wrestling 2021-2022

Vivienne Solt


During the 2021-2022 school year, the PV Jr High wrestling team was matched against 13 different schools, winning 10/13 matches. The successes from the team this year were built by pure effort and practice. Every day during the week during the wrestling season, each player is expected to show up to practice from 3:30 to 5:15. During this time you’re working hard: From 3:15-3:30, you play dodgeball, if the coaches allow it. By 3:30, you start practice by alternating between jogging and sprinting in an oval around the coaches. This lasts about 10 minutes. By then, your joints and muscles should be all warmed up for the actual wrestling part. You pair up with a partner that is close to your weight class and are instructed what to do from there. Usually, you practice moves like the bar and half-nelsons. This happens the majority of practice so these moves and tips are ingrained in your muscle memory. Quite literally. Once practice nears an end, you’re lined up against the wall and instructed to do Wind Sprints, Suicides, Baby Crawls, Bear Crawls, and more. If you stop, you get more sprints. Once done, the coach calls “Bring it in!” and everyone huddles in a circle and is told the plan for the next day or week, depending on if there’s a match. Once the team disperses, you peel off the tape and roll up the mats. To build up strength, the team is required to do 15 pull-ups after or before practice. When you’re done you grab your stuff and leave. If you forget your stuff, you have to do 50-50-50; Fifty push-ups, Fifty sit-ups, and Fifty pull-ups.


Meet The Team


The 2021-2022 team captains of the Jr High Wrestling team were Max King and Zac Rummel. If you were to goof off during practice, you had to answer to them. They’re each one of the most skilled players on the team, which is one of the reasons why they were the team captains.

Zac Rummel                                                            Max King

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Joining The Team

The PV Junior High wrestling team needs more players. You should know that if you want to join the team, you need to be serious about the sport. Obviously, you’re supposed to have fun, but when actually wrestling, you should want to win. Crave it like your favorite food. Wrestling is not a joke. If you join just to horse around, then you will be kicked off the team. But if you’re serious about it, consider joining next fall for the 2022-2023 school year. 


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