Ty Watson, The State Medalists


I went to the Pennsylvania wrestling state championship in Hersey PA, on March 11th and 12th. I got to see undefeated sophomore regional champ, Ty Watson, wrestle the best of the best. Before the first sessions, I asked him how he would think he would do. He replied “the hay is in the barn.” The first sessions on Thursday March 10th, I couldn’t attend. But, they went great for Ty still going undefeated pushing him into a guaranteed top 12. But when I went to the second session, the first match he was pinned by Evan Maag. It was a heart break for him meaning he can’t get to the finals now. But he got back up on his feet, wanting to win the wrestle back to get 3rd, and pinned the next guy he wrestled in overtime. That pushes him into a medalist which means top 8. wrestling for top 6 he got a major decision on a kid 15-4. Now wrestling for top 4, he did not win losing 11-3. Now he can only get 5th or 6th with one more match to go. And guess who he wrestles? Evan Maag. Ty, putting up a way better fight this time, just got caught and was pinned again leaving his record 42-3 and a 6th state medalist. Which is something to be very proud of, and he is only a sophomore. Asking him after the last session about his thoughts, he says “I’m not done yet.” Overall, traveling all the way to Hershey was definitely worth it. Seeing the emotions of the kids that put so much hard work in. They deserve where they are at now.