Dogs are better than cats

Destiny Cowher, Student

Over 51 percent of people in the U.S like dogs better than cats. They believe that dogs are more controllable than cats, and they feel more psychological

ownership over them. For this article, I interviewed two different people. One person said they liked cats more, and the other person said that they liked dogs better. My first interview was with Kyra Latham, who prefers cats over dogs, and they said, “Dogs are chaotic, they run around, they’re big, and they’re very messy. Cats are chill, they’re more quiet and calm.” The second person I interviewed was Makenna Wenrick. She preferred dogs over cats. She said, “I don’t like cats because they don’t have enough energy, and dogs are a lot cuter than cats.” After interviewing people about their opinion on why they prefer either dogs or cats better, I discovered that most people believe that dogs are better than cats. This is because dogs are more trainable, use the bathroom outside, can protect you, and promote a more active lifestyle. But people also believe that cats are better than dogs because they think that cats are softer, sweeter, smarter, quieter, and very good at hunting rodents. Personally, I believe that dogs are better than cats because dogs are more energetic and more fun, while cats are lazy and just eat and sleep all day. I also think that dogs are cuter and they love to play and cuddle but cats don’t play and they just sit around all day wanting food. Mrs. Ripka said that her dog has all the good qualities of a dog, but also has good qualities of a cat, for example, her dog lets her pet him while laying on her lap,  he likes to hunt rodents, and he likes to eat them, which is all the best qualities of cats but her dog also barks and is very playful, which are the best qualities of a dog. Cats and dogs are so similar but so different at the same time, for example, dogs like playing fetch and they like cuddling but cats catch mice and are very soft which doesn’t change my thought on why dogs are better than cats. In my mind, dogs are better because of their energy which makes them fun. On the other hand, cats just don’t have the same energy and are less fun and honestly, they’re quite boring because of how little energy they have compared to dogs. In conclusion, dogs are better than cats because dogs have more energy and they love to play and cuddle, cats sleep all day and have little to no energy and they don’t really play with you.