Famous Farls

As one of the most renowned teachers at Penns Valley High School, students might be interested in taking a sneak peek into the secret life of Micheal C. Farley outside of the building. Now, of course we aren’t supplying the generic knowledge about Farley, but rather the juicy details about him that make up the exceptional fellow he is.

From our basic understanding, Farley is an English and Media teacher here at Penns Valley and has been teaching for seven years. Farley is generous enough to bring in homemade treats for his students to purchase with their PBIS points. His lovely wife, Taylor Farley, works hard to prepare everything from cake pops to brownies. Recently, Mr. Farley has been lacking goodies for his students, but there is a valid explanation. Farley shared, ““I am married to Taylor Farley, we have been dating since March 17, 2014, and got married July 8, 2017, now we are having a baby!” Farley and his wife have busied themselves with preparing for their baby girl due in September. Farley says that he is ready to be a dad so that he can teach her the proper techniques of walking.

Michael Farley, also known as: Farls, Farley, and Mike enjoys sports, alternative rock, and video games. Farley’s favorite teams are the Philadelphia 76ers and the Philadelphia Eagles. Farley’s all time favorite movie is The Shining and if he could pick any food to eat the rest of his life, he said “Pizza because there is a lot of variety with toppings.” He also says that if he could travel to any place in the world, it would be Italy, following with “The only reason I travel is to eat.” Another little known fact is that Michael Farley used to play the tuba. It is yet to be known if he was any good at it or not.

As interesting as Farley is in school, he is now even more fascinating knowing what his life looks like outside of these walls. If you have any questions about the Famous Farls, please use the following link and fill out the Google form!