Dinner with Dessert


Samantha Snider

With the new opening of Streamside Family Restaurant, Riddles Ice Cream Shop now has a neighboring business. This creates a great mixture of food options in the Spring Mills area. 

The new restaurant opened on March 12th, 2022 by owners Jennifer and Rudy Seles. Jennifer is a Penns Valley native who moved to California for two decades. She decided to now come back to Penns Valley and open a restaurant alongside her husband. The restaurant sells pizza, strombolis, subs, sandwiches, salads and more!

Cammie Upcraft has been working at Streamside since they first opened. She works as a waitress in the afternoons serving customers alongside other Penns Valley students. Cammie stated, “It is a very family oriented place and as I’ve worked there I have been able to gain closer bonds with people throughout the community.” 

Next door to Streamside is Riddles Ice Cream Shop. Riddles opened on August 8th, 2018 by owners Kristen and Andy Riddle. The couple has two daughters named Gracie and Callie who both attend Penns Valley and work at the ice cream shop. Kailen Winkelblech will also begin working at Riddles when they open this year on April 1st. When asked the question of “Why did you choose to start working at Riddles?” Kailen then stated, “I admire the owners and have gone to Riddles numerous times for ice cream. They have very lenient hours and are close to my house which just makes working there less stressful than other places.”

Riddles sells a variety of ice cream from simple single scoop ice cream to fun sundaes and floats. While being a small business in Penns Valley, the shop also sells ice cream from the Penn State Creamery. This is a major attraction to people in the community but also an attraction for dogs looking for a pup cup!

Both of these shops are just right down the street from you. Make sure to come out and support these local businesses and get a slice or scoop of Penns Valley!