Penns Valley Junior High Boys Basketball is over!

The Penns Valley Junior High boys basketball season is officially over. Ending their season with a 13-1 and 12-4 record. The boys ended their season on Wednesday, February 16, 2022. I interviewed Luke Ruoff, one of the JH basketball players, getting an inside scoop on the season, Here is what he had to say. The team spirit when the team won was pretty hype and enthusiastic, but, when they lost they mostly were complaining about the refs and downcasted. The moment they felt most like a team was when they worked insanely together which helped them win against Tyrone. The biggest highlight of this season is when they won at Bellefonte. Their biggest accomplishment was the team having a winning record. I asked one personal question, here’s what he said. He felt his biggest accomplishment this season was being a starter and getting more playing time.

The boy’s last game was on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, being a close game against Hollidaysburg at home where the boys lost by a couple of points. The game was competitive and interesting, with one player fouling out.