Changes, Changes, Changes


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It is an illustration of a Women growth.

Graduation is officially in 53 days for seniors at Penns Valley and many of them are very eager for this time to occur. With this time coming up lots have changed in these seniors’ lives and they are looking back on how they have changed. 

Looking back on all the years they have spent as students they are learning and noticing how much they have changed. One student I talked to in particular is Cammie Upcraft. I asked her how she thinks she has changed the most, “I have matured and grown to not care so much what people think.” She explained how she used to care about the thoughts of others but now that she is older she has realized it doesn’t matter and now she is just herself unapologetically. She is very proud of the person she has become and knows that her time in school and the changes she grew through will set her up for success. 

Cammie much like other seniors is proud of how far they have come and another person I talked to about feeling this way is Sammie Snider. Sammie said that she changed the most in her, “Ability to become more comfortable around new people and more comfortable in me. I have also become more outgoing and worked harder in my school work.” She is proud of how she was able to change into this person and knows that by being more outgoing and hard-working she will have success in college and her future. 

These two girls and all the other seniors at PVHS are proud of how far they have come and very excited to see where the skills that have learned will help them succeed in their futures. I wish all seniors a piece of good luck and know you will have much success in your future!