Summer Is Almost Here: Now What?


A nice summer day!

Kaedence Baney

Once school is out for the summer, it can be difficult to figure out what you want to do for the next 3 months. Don’t waste those sunny days inside just because you don’t have any plans! I am here to create a list of fun summer activities that can also be budget friendly!

1. Spend a day at the park!

Spending a day at your local park can be a great way to spend the day outside and to appreciate your home town! You could take a nice walk with the warm sun or even eat lunch! You could also invite your friends to go to the park with you! Put a blanket down or even play some games with your friends! Soak up the sun at the park while you can!

2. Visit the amusement park!

Amusement parks are another great way to be outside! Amusement parks allow you to eat some fair food you can’t get everywhere and ride some fun rides with friends or family! My personal favorite thing about going to an amusement park is getting Dippin’ Dots! Don’t be afraid to hop onto the big roller coasters, amusement parks are only open a limited time a year!

3. Play some outdoor games!

Summer is full of warm and sunny weather, so why not play some games outside? Grab some friends and family to play some games! These games can be anything like badminton, corn hole, football, and baseball! These are some great games you can play if you have the items to play! If not play some games like Hide and Seek, Tag, and Marco Polo! Any of these games would be a great way to spend time outdoors while also have fun!

Now that you have some ideas, I don’t want to see you wasting time inside. Enjoy the beautiful weather while you can! Have a great summer!