Trout Thrive in Penns Valley Waters

Keagan Park, Penns Valley Student

Spring is here! And with spring comes warmth, but even better, FISH! People in the Penns Valley community have been long awaiting this time of year when the weather is getting warmer, and the waters are getting stocked with fish. Just recently Penns Creek and Sinking Creek have been stocked with rainbow trout; however, the first official day of trout fishing doesn’t start until April 2nd. This may bum some people out, but don’t worry, this gives you plenty of time to get your rods, tackle boxes, waiters, and any other fishing gear ready for angling. Not only are trout back in season, but so are many other fish species: bass, sunfish, catfish, and a whole lot more, but make sure you’re in the right spot first. Pennsylvania and Penns Valley in general have hundreds of fishing spots, and if you find the right one, have fun catching fish, but make sure you know if it’s caught and released or catch and keep. With that, make sure if it is caught and keep that you don’t go over the limit for the day. The limit of fish caught for catch and keep is three fish per day, so don’t go fish crazy and catch more than that. Catch and release can give you that rush of adrenaline, but not the pain for the fish and such.


  • Rainbow trout are carnivores. They eat crustaceans, small fish,  and other amphibious insects
  • These fish live from about 4 to 6 WHOLE YEARS!
  • A group of these animals called a hover

Visit for more interesting facts about Rainbow Trout

This hyperlink will take you to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website where you can find all of your fishing needs, like dates, times, places, and when and where certain places around Pennsylvania will be stocked: