Best Dressed; Prom 2022

With prom approaching in less than two weeks, I have taken it upon myself to supply some tips to make the night to remember a good one. Considering that a majority of you have probably been thinking about this for months, I will avoid the basics like the dresses and the tuxes. The outfit is a given opportunity to share your style and personality, so choose wisely with color, shape, and accessories.

If you are experiencing difficulty adding that extra¬†spice to your attire at prom, don’t forget what a few pieces of jewelry can do, or some exotic shoes. Hair styles and head pieces are also a good touch. For girls, it will depend on what texture and length your hair is, as well as the neckline of your dress. Here I have provided a link to a variety of style options. For guys, it never hurts to switch things up and try a new hairstyle either, but I simply recommend a fresh haircut and shave. Some great options for hair pieces for girls are adding flowers, clips, or crowns in order to accentuate the look.

When it comes to makeup, try to stay in your general comfort zone. The last thing that you want to do is be uncomfortable, so if you frequently don’t wear a lot of makeup, it might not be the best idea to load it on before breakin’ a move at prom. Try and stay away from heavy foundations and stick to a concealer to cover blemishes, maybe even a light coverage foundation, a blush for some color, and a good powder to keep everything in tact. If you want to go crazy with the eye makeup, go crazy with the eye makeup.

After getting ready, don’t forget to capture the special moment with your friends and family. My best advice that I can give for the best prom photos is to avoid the basic structured “stand together now” photo. You know what I mean, the very bland, stand in a line photo. Instead, try moving around, facing different directions, and having your photographer (probably your mom) capture candids -natural, in the moment pictures- instead of so many posed and straight forward photos.

Prom is publicized as a fun, night to remember, so don’t forget that even after all of the rushing around and planning, to enjoy yourself and appreciate the memories made with your friends. This year’s prom’s theme is “Enchanted Forest” and will be at Mountain View Country Club on May 14th. I really hope to see you there and can’t wait to see all of you dressed your best!