Fall Sports 22′


Ava VanAmburg

Leading into the year of 22’ the fall sports have begun with new coaches and better records! Within 3 weeks of school starting, the Penns Valley sports this year have been very successful. This is just the beginning of the rest of the 2022-2023 school year.

Starting off with the football record of 3-0! The regular coaches, Tobias, Troxell, Irwin, and our newest member Robison have been beating the odds wiping out the rival teams! According to the football players Bellefonte is the biggest rival. A question asked for Senior Miles Brooks, who is a wide receiver, is a common question, “How do you think your season is going so far?” Brooks answered with an easy statement, “it’s going very well right now. We just keep on rolling.”  

Going towards the volleyball record of 3-1! With the newest coach, Baldwin, and assistant coach Ishler, their season is, “finding their groove” a quote from Senior Skylar Fleshman. Fleshman answered the same question with football saying, “I feel like our team is finally finding our groove and we’ll finish out the season strong from here on out.” 

Next team would be girls soccer. Starting off strong, and undefeated, their record is 7-0!! With new coach Hermann, all the girls are happy with how their season is going. Talking to junior Scotty Dinges, her answer to the question, “how do you think your season is going?” is like many answers. “I think it’s going really well and I feel like we’re working well with our team as well.” 

With all these sports kicking it off strong within three weeks of school is a shocker to the community and the school. All of these sports worked hard for where they are at now. Every single one of these sports should be proud of their dedication towards their sport!