3 Need to Know Tips to Progress in Skateboarding


Wesley Morrison

Struggling to get better on your board? Need the basics? Well, I have 3 easy tips for getting comfortable on your board. First, if you’re having trouble learning tricks, tighten your trucks. Having looser trucks can be better for riding but harder to maintain balance when you are trying a trick. Tighter trucks make it so the board doesn’t turn as much. This makes the board more stable for you to attempt the trick. You can tighten your trucks with a skate tool which you can find at your local skate shops or you can find many options online. This next tip will help you improve your ollies. When standing on your board, have half of your back foot on the tail end of your board with the other half slightly hanging off the board. Having your foot on the tail end of the board in this position can help give you more pop and get your board up higher. The position of your front foot can depend on what feels comfortable. It is better to leave yourself more room on the front of the board to flick but my suggestion is to not have your front foot above the top set of bolts. Being able to fully flick your foot off the edge of the board makes the board level out and you can get the most out of your ollie. Going back to your back foot, one thing that will improve your pop is pushing the tail of the board down with your ankle and lifting your foot up immediately after you push the board down. This has personally helped me and given me multiple days’ worth of improvements in 1 day. My last tip is to find obstacles that you can practice ollieing over. Even if all you have is a small stick or even another skateboard. Practicing ollieing over something can improve your ollie because having something to get over can make it mentally easier since you have a set goal. Once you have that down you will be able to ollie with or without something to ollie over. All three of these tips were what helped me progress the most in skateboarding and will hopefully help you maintain your interest in skateboarding so you don’t get bored by not being able to do a certain trick or even just getting comfortable while riding. Thank you for reading and I hope these tips come in handy when you are stuck on a certain area.