Ava VanAmburg

October 12, 2022

As the homecoming court is coming to a nail-biting reveal on Saturday, October 14, Senior Nominee Paige Dobson is awaiting for a decision on who is on the court. Paige is 18 years old and has lived in Centre County, PA her whole life and can’t wait to get out of this rural country. As she is known by many people as “Pdog”, she has many desires after graduating. Paige works for her parents at Your First Page, which is a daycare for parents who have to work and drop off their child throughout the week. Paige went to this daycare when she met a lot of people including me and how our story starts there. 

Besides the point, Paige enjoys playing Basketball playing as a guard, which she plays travel with her opponent Ann-Marie McMurtrie, and soccer as a defender, going up against opponent Hannah Clark. Paige has bowled for a long time until she didn’t have the time to do it throughout her high school career. Lastly, Paige loves playing golf with her dad as the Coach, Chris Dobson, and enjoys every sport she plays. 

Paige is in all sorts of clubs in school as Key Club, Student Council, and Varsity Club. She goes to every club and helps out as much as she can for the club. A little background information about Paige is having a pet duck when she was little. Unfortunately, it passed away when she was younger. Paige absolutely despises cheese. As she is lactose intolerant, she doesn’t mind Pizza and has recently eaten yogurt. As Paige is running for homecoming queen, a question I asked her is, “How would you describe your feelings if you won homecoming queen?” and her answer follows, ”I would feel overwhelmed with joy knowing that I would be someone that younger kids could look up too and too be able to represent Penns Valley.” 

As you decide your decision for who is going to become homecoming queen for the year 22-23, reconsider your vote for Paige Dobson!