National Art Honor Society: What is it?


NAHS stands for National Art Honor Society. It is a national organization for high school students in grades 9-12th. It is for student artists and provides an opportunity to be nationally recognized. NAHS provides many opportunities for students to show their skills within the community and grow as artists. It helps students bring attention to art education in their school and community. It helps build a community of creators and makers. In order to be a member of NAHS you have to have at least one art class taken. For Penn’s Valley you have to have a semester worth of art classes. Members also must maintain grades of 90’s or higher within art classes. In classes that are not an art credit you must maintain a 80’s or higher. Just like any club or organization within the school there is a council. Positions on the council include president, vice president, secretary, treasure, and historian. President and vice president are in charge of leading meetings. Secretary is in charge of keeping notes during all meetings and making sure the club stays on track. The treasure is in charge of the club’s money. If the club has a social media page the historian is in charge of keeping the page up and running. They take pictures and post what the club is doing. These members are the only members that meet once a week and really focus on what the club can do to grow and benefit their school. There are many benefits of joining NAHS other than growing as an artist. For students looking to go to colleges after high school it looks very good on transcripts. Also any members will get a  cord for graduation. Overall, NAHS is a great club to be in. If you are interested in Penn’s Valleys NAHS or have any questions stop by the art room and speak with Mrs. Fischer.