Chad Hammer Talks about the 2022 Football Team


Heath Senator

The Penns Valley Boys varsity football team has been doing pretty well this year. They started the season out 2-0. The boy’s varsity football team hasn’t been 2-0 since 2007. They continued with their season to a 3-0 record. They currently have a 4-2 record which is not too bad but they want it to be even better according to chad hammer.

“Our team has a lot of chemistry, confidence, and discipline,” says Chad Hammer. I asked him if he thinks they will make it to districts, and Chad says they will go to districts definitely. He also says that districts would really bring their confidence up. He also talked about how the seniors are stepping up this year to lead this team to a season they will be proud of.

They sadly lost the game and bell to Bald Eagle this season but they will hopefully get it back the next time they play them. The football team is really looking forward to the homecoming game and is excited about it too. They play Tyrone for the homecoming game on Friday, October 14th. Chad says that yes Tyrone is a good team and they beat Clearfield but a team can always be beaten and that was a whole different game than the upcoming one on Friday.

This team seems like they’re having a pretty good season this year. I hope to see this team go places and do well in districts! Good luck to you guys and have a good rest of the season.