Fall Sports Closing in and Winter Sports Opening up

Now that the end of October is here, fall sports are coming to an end. Football, soccer, volleyball, fall cheerleading, and cross country are coming to an end, which leads to one thing: winter sports. Basketball, swimming, and wrestling are our winter sports for this year. The poll shows that basketball is the most voted and popular sport in our school district. That makes me think about how many people will be in all units of basketball we will have. Another sport that I think about is swimming. I know someone that does swimming, and he told me that we have a team in state college because we don’t have an indoor pool. I am interested to see how the swimming program will work. But, a couple days ago, I was looking through my dad’s senior yearbook when I noticed we had a golf team. So I asked my dad if he remembers having a golf team in high school. He said that golf was another sport program held in State College. So it will also bbe interesting to see how golf will turn out, just like swimming. It will be fun to watch everyone play their sports this year, especailly in basketball because of how many poeple¬† are playing in specifically in junior high boys basketball this year. Last year, I saw a lot of boys in my grade playing basketball for fun. They seemed to have a good time, which is why I think they will all be doing basketball this year. And if you are in a winter sport, then I wish you good luck this year.