Understanding Reading


Mrs. Smith’s Banned Books Week tribute in the IMC

If you are looking for something relaxing to do, pick up a book and start to read! Reading is a great way to disconnect from social media and take a break from the craziness of the internet world. There are many different categories and genres that you can read, making it easy to find something that you will enjoy and won’t want to put down. Personally, I like to read books like Harry Potter. I find it to be exciting and addicting to read. Others may like to read about realistic topics, real crime, comic books, and many more. Many people find reading to be easy, but some have a harder time with it than others. I am a person who can find reading challenging but very rewarding. Here are a few tips to help get you into reading.


Reading many different books has been very helpful and has allowed me to gain confidence in my reading skills. Even though I am not the fastest reader I have found many ways to make reading a more enjoyable activity and I will continue to practice and get better.

Watch the Movie

This may not be a fan favorite but, if you are a person who has difficulty visualizing what you are reading this can help a lot. Watching the movie if there is one before reading the book. Doing this can improve how you visualize the book. Not every book has a movie that comes after it but the ones that do can easily use this technique. 

Work your way up

Start with a lower Lexile book, to get in the groove of things. Slowly work your way up to more challenging books. Doing this will help improve your reading each time by a little bit, and can get you up into those big books, that are eye-catching.