Junior High Soccer’s Questionable Performance This Season

Kyus Kimler



Junior high soccer barely had a team this year. With only four girls and eight boys, they had to make a coed team to even have one. 

The Record

The record had only one win and a few ties, however this does not reflect the teams performance. The team played incredibly well, and improved greatly throughout the season. Just a few small issues kept them from winning.

The Improvement

While the numbers do not display it, the team played great this year, and improved greatly. At the start of the year, most players struggled with stamina playing all the way through two thirty minute halves. By the end of the season, they played eleven on the field and few people got subbed, as the  players had improved their stamina greatly and could play hard throughout the entire soccer game. Compared to the start of the season, where we usually played nine on the field (so we had more substitutes and could play harder with less stamina), and we still struggled with playing all the way through the games.

 The Conclusion

In conclusion, the junior high coed soccer team had great improvement, and that is not shown by the numbers and statistics. The team struggled at the start of the season, and thrived at the end of the season. The players got used to not having breaks during the halves, and playing through the entire game with no breaks(excluding halftime). The entire team played incredibly well, and that is not portrayed in the record of the team.