Water Preservation in the United States

Wesley Morrison

Water is a renewable resource but it is not going to always be around. Less than 1% of the earth’s clean water is available to humans, which means we are running out of time to conserve it. Water is used in almost every single thing you do. The T-shirt you are wearing right now took around 2700 liters of water to make. Think about all of the times you have washed your hands today.  How many times a week do you shower? You can do a lot of things to help preserve water. For example, you can take showers instead of baths or make your showers shorter. Depending on your showerhead, it can use anywhere from 6-25 gallons of water per minute. If you reduce your shower time by 1/2, you can potentially save hundreds of gallons of water per day. By turning the water off when you wash dishes, brush your teeth, or step away from the faucet you can save money and resources and help the planet out a lot. Me personally, Wesley Morrison, I love water. I drink it daily out of my water bottle named D’Angelo. If the water gets gross, I recycle it and give it to my favorite cat, Lion. He loves water. My family and I are in a constant state of watering plants and animals. When I reduced my usage and made my family do the same thing, I noticed a large amount of savings on our water bill. Now we can use this money to buy more things.