Can’t Have Powder Puff Without The Cheerleaders


Skylar Fleshman

On 11/16 there was a big matchup at the high school. It was the annual powder puff football game, seniors v.s. juniors. This was a big deal for the high school because this was the first game in two years. Since covid happened the girls were not able to play in years prior. The seniors and juniors only had one practice to prepare for this game due to bad weather. The seniors won this year’s game 27-13.

The seniors took the win but they definitely couldn’t do it without the cheerleaders. Once the senior and junior boys found out about the event they were pumped. During halftime at the game, the seniors and junior boys both perform a routine. They did a lot to prepare for this event. The juniors had their coaches Sophie McMurtire and one of our fellow teachers Miss. Rummel for help. They worked super hard on their halftime routine and performed to the song Starships by Nicki Minaj. The crowd really enjoyed this two-minute routine. They also did some fun things on the sideline during the game including; jumps, stunts, and chants.

The senior boy cheerleaders were led by Hannah Clark and Skylar Fleshman. They performed a two-minute routine to a mix of songs. Their routine consisted of; lots of fun dance moves, stunts, pyramids, and tumbling. The crowd also really enjoyed this routine. We asked Mason Greene how he thought the cheering went. He stated, “I think it went really well we practiced really hard, and we bonded and had a great time.” During the game the cheerleaders did; some stunts, cheering, and bowling. Overall they had a great time and an even greater time after their great cheering paid off with the senior win.