Creating a Football Documentary

This year for Media Class we each had to create at least a five minute documentary about almost anything we wanted and I chose the sport I have loved watching my entire life.

I chose a documentary about the sport of Football because of the way it impacts people in the fall. Between high school all the way up to professional football it can potentially be a part of someone’s week five out of the seven days. I think other than the excitement of the sport and how fun it is to watch and root for teams for the pretty fall months is how it brings people together.

To create the documentary I began with the history of football and its origins. I then followed up by interviewing a couple of friends on why they liked football and concluded with why I thought football was more than a sport and that was the beauty of it.

Thousands of people can all bond over a shared team based on a region which I think is very special as human interaction, bonding and relationships are an important part of living. This bonding can expand through tailgates, Superbowl watch parties, and other events around football that bring people together as you do not have to enjoy the sport to gain some special friendships through it.

The documentary experience as a whole was really eye opening for me as I had to approach a topic from a different perspective and construct a narrative which I haven’t done before. I had a lot of previous knowledge about football but creating a story through it was something different and it made me appreciate the amount of work that goes into documentaries, movies, tv shows and other works that require a lot of planning and editing to construct a story and a narrative.