For Media class, we were assigned to do a documentary about anything we wanted, so I choose to do mine on Laine McMurtrie, my brother. I choose this because I think that he is the most interesting person I have ever met, the most loving person, and the person who can also get on my nerves all the time. 


I choose to name my documentary “Little Devil Laine”. Even though I think that Laine can be the most adorable kid, I can still describe him as a devil. He tends to stray from the path, and when I say that I mean not listen and does his own thing. Don’t get me wrong I find it funny, but my parents don’t. 


For what was filmed I based off of what Laine likes, dislikes, and a bunch of other things that laine is interested in. It was more about Laine than a day in the life of Laine. For example, I filmed during Halloween because he got to be Spider-man, one of Laine’s favorite superheroes, and he has been dressing up like him for over a year now. He wears a Spider-man costume more than any of his other clothes. I choose to do Laine because he has shown me and my whole family that a little person can be the person who gives the most love and laughs, he also helps us bring back some of our inner child. We have had so many adventures together, that if Laine was not there I don’t think that they would have been as memorable.