Morgan Wallen’s Latest Tour Sensation


Scotty Dinges

Morgan Wallen has recently announced he’s going on the One Night At a Time tour! He is being accompanied by country hit singers like Bailey Zimmerman, Ernest, Hardy, and Parker McCollum. Parker McCollum and Hardy will not be at every tour location, but Bailey Zimmerman and Ernest will. When he first announced the tour, he was going to 26 stadiums and international places. The international tour includes places like Australia, New Zealand, and more!

As the ticket sale nears, Wallen is coming out with even more tour dates while the demand grows higher. Previously this year, Morgan Wallen went on the Dangerous tour in 2022. During the Dangerous tour, he also sang alongside new country star, Hardy. This was a big success that took country fans by storm. 

The tickets are being sold through Ticketmaster. With overwhelming demand, fans must sign up for the verified fan presale to access these tickets. Depending on the stadium you select when entering the fan presale, will dictate what day you can purchase the tickets. Most tickets are going on sale sometime this week. Not all fans will be selected through the presale signup, meaning some fans will be waitlisted. Fans will have received an email if they were selected to purchase. 

Many fans are eager to witness a concert with the new hit country stars together. Wallen also released three new songs on the day he announced his tour dates as a form of celebration. The songs include Days That End in Why, Tennessee fan, and One Thing at a Time. A new album is to be expected before the touring begins.