PV Wrestling


Jackson Romig

The Penns Valley wrestling team is about to have their first dual tournament on Saturday, December 10. The team has many returning starters who are very optimistic about the way the season is going to go. Ty Watson is a state medalist returning from last year and is very positive about how he will perform this year. He said, “It’s going to be fun with the team and I think this year will go better than last year.”

Penns Valley has always been known as having a great wrestling program with extremely talented athletes. In past years they have had multiple wrestlers go to the states placing within the top 6. Hunter lyons is another returning starter from last year. I asked Lyons how he thought the season was going to go and his response was, “Good. I think the team will perform extremely well and we will have many individuals going far this year.”

They know this season is going to go well because of the talent that is shown during practices. Everyone is always working hard and puts everything they have into their craft. Colten Shunk, a returing starter from last year, knows how hard the teams works and knows how well they will do. He said, “We work extremely hard every day trying to get better every day and work at it every chance they get. That is how I know we will do very good this year.”

I, along with every wrestler on the team knows they will have a very successful season.