Winter Ram Jam Winners


Penns Valley, Central Mountain, Juniata, and Bellefonte basketball teams participated in the annual winter tournament called the Ram Jam. This is the first time in a while that the girls teams made an appearance in the tournament. The games were held on December 28th and 29th. The Lady Rams Won the overall tournament and added some bling in the trophy case. 

The Lady Rams first game of the tournament was on December 28th at 8pm against Bellefonte. This game counted towards their mountain league record. Penns Valley knew they needed to win to be able to play in the championship against either Juniata or Central Mountain. At 8 the ball was thrown up and the game began. The first quarter for the lady rams was not the outcome they wanted. It was a slow start but as the game went on the lady rams got their lead. Ann-Marie McMurtrie was top scorer with 15 points. Following behind her was Juila Emel with 8 points and Elle Dinges with 7 points. Their record overall was 4-3 and in the mountain league it was 2-1. The Lady Rams continue onto the championship game against Central Mountain. 

December 29th at 6:30pm the Lady Rams and the Wild Cats began their game. Lady Rams started the game off strong and got a lead in the first quarter. Each team was battling back and forth making the crowd wondering who was going to win. By half time the Lady Rams were up by 9 points. The third and Fourth quarters were intense as Central Mountain got their first lead 38-37 with 5 minutes left in the game. With just 30 seconds left Central Mountain was fouled with an in-one. The foul shot was made, making the score 46-44 Penns Valley. The ball was now in possession of the Rams. Unfortunately a shot attempt by a Lady Ram was missed and Central Mountain gained possession of the ball. With 8 seconds left Central Mountain’s head coach called a timeout. When the game was back into play, a shot attempt by Kianha Jones from Central Mountain was missed. The Lady Rams were crowned Champions and celebrated for their victory. Ann-Marie McMurtrie set a career high with 27 points. Second highest scorer was Juila Emel with 6 points. 

Awards were presented that night at half time during the boy’s championship game. Second place team Central Mountain was awarded a trophy. Penns Valley was also awarded a Trophy along with each team member getting a medal. Some additional awards were presented as well. There was an all star team made up of all 4 teams. Elle Dinges was awarded a spot on that team and presented with a trophy. Another Dinges Scotty got the Defensive MVP award. When asked how it feels to receive this award she said, “ Pretty good, it feels good to be awarded because it’s something I work hard at”. Ann-Marie McMurtrie won the MVP overall for the tournament.( Ice goddess). In conclusion, the Penns Valley Lady rams had a successful Winter break in their basketball season.