Rebekah Gillespie

Finals are coming up on the 17th and 18th with the marking period ending on the 20th. The high schoolers will be switching all of their classes, as it is also the end of the semester. For seniors, many are finishing their last English, science, math, or history classes of their high school careers. For many, this is a huge relief, knowing that they are that much closer to graduating, but also stressed about these extensive tests.

When asked about finals, Skylar Fleshman had to say she was, “Stressed, I’m scared, but we’re just live, laugh, loving.”

Connor Kelly also offered his input, saying, “With the upcoming event of finals, I feel as thorough, I am over prepared, and going to amazing on each and every final because of how much I have studied, prepared, and meditated for these events. I will beat everybody and go above and beyond. Ram pride!”

Finals account for 20% of your final grade and make a huge difference for a great deal of students. For some, doing well means maintaining an already good grade or potentially giving you a better grade than you had for the class. For others, a poor grade means getting a poor overall grade for the class. Some students may not stress too much about it due to having a good grade in the class, and to maintain that good grade, getting a poor final grade would have very little effect on it. If you are worried about your final grade, be sure to put in the time to study and remember to try your best.