First Rule of Fight Club

First Rule of Fight Club

Connor Kelly and Adrian Gover, Journalist

In 1999, David Fincher directed the hit movie Fight Club which follows Edward Norton who plays the unnamed Narrator, and Brad Pitt who plays Tyler Durden. Many people have high regard about this film, some even regarding it as modern art. The film is directed beautifully with amazing cinematography and usage of camera techniques. Also, the CGI is amazing for its time with whole cities being blown up in a realistic way that really enhances the story.

This film has been watched by loads of people but, I asked film enthusiast Adrian Gover about his view on this movie, “Fight club is a must watch. It has one of the most confounding plot twists that spirals the viewer into a state of suspenseful, agonizing bliss. The world within Fight Club is refined, and believable. It really exemplifies the saying, “Let’s throw some hands.”

As seen, people love the movie, the ending makes it a classic in the film industry. Throughout the movie hints are dropped leading into the climax of the movie, all of these scenes make the movie feel put together and well crafted. Although the movie is critically acclaimed, the script was not just written and then filmed. The movie is based off of a book by the same name which incorporates around 90% of the same content

Overall, if you want to have an amazing movie to watch and a couple free hours, go watch Fight Club on YouTube for only a couple dollars, it is amazing.