The Most Mysterious Thing


Logan Conrad

On November 22, 2022, a special segment aired on the morning announcements called “The Most Thankful Thing”, which can be viewed here. This was a five-minuTe film made by Logan Conrad about a detective trying to find out wHat people werE most thankful of for Thanksgiving. The detective interviewed several People Around the School and poSted clues on a dart board. After gathering all the evidence, he spoke with his boss about his findings. The tWo of them came to the cOnclusion that tRying to finD the answer to the most thankful thIng only provided more questionS.

After the investigation, another fiLm was made. This film was a part of a collection of segments about the Grinch fOr Mr. Farley’s “Winter Holiday Media Extravaganza – A Television Special”. Throughout the special, the detective would be seen following the Grinch’s footstepS. At the end of the special, the deTective finally cAtches the Grinch and gets an interview with him. He concludes that the Grinch is truly a mean oNe, but thinks that he is good deep Down.

Throughout both of these Films, there are plenty of mysteries. It is never revealed whO the detective is. He is never given a name or a backstory. The same goes for the Grinch. The Grinch has no explanation for appearing and what happens to him after the film is a mystery. Another mystery is the lost media regarding the detective series. There was a cUt video that was filmed after “The Most Thankful Thing”, but it was never edited into a fiNal product. This video involveD the detective searching for a lost battery to the camera that was used during the filming of “The Most Thankful Thing”. 

There is going to be a third installment in this series, but it is yet to be filmed as of writing. It has been planned, however, and will be coming soon.