Sports Penns Valley is Missing


Kylie Auman

While Penns Valley has many sports there are still numerous sports that Penns Valley doesn’t occupy. Sports like tennis, lacrosse, field hockey, men’s volleyball, rugby, diving team, rowing, and water polo. Many other high schools have these teams that compete and play all over the state. Penns Valley is one of the many few high schools without these sports teams. I interviewed swim team member Anna Butler and asked if she had the opportunity, would she join diving team.  Anna  commented, “I would join a diving team if we had somewhere to practice and we had a credible coach to train us.”

Another student of Penns Valley High School Shelby Walker was interviewed and asked if she was able to join a field hockey team would that be of interest to her and why. She explained, “Yes, I would be of interest to try something new and different but now that I think of it that would be really fun and exciting.”

A third athlete from Penns Valley would be Grace Bressler who plays volleyball for the school. I asked Grace if you could play any sport that the school didn’t have what would it be. She mentioned, “Lacrosse, I know people that play this sport and they say it is very fun and I would play in a heart beat.”

Penns Valley has many multiple sport athletes that are willing to play in the sports that Penns Valley doesn’t offer. For example men’s volleyball, there have been many guys that have wanted to start a men’s volleyball team. Men’s volleyball plays in the spring which would work for most of the players that are willing to play this sport. A lot of these sports aren’t in our local schools like Bald Eagle and Bellefonte. This would be one thing that the school would have to consider with the fact if these teams were to start up then they would have to travel far in PA just to play games. If the school would start these sports up then other schools from the area would see this and want to also make their own sport teams. Penns Valley should try to start these sports up because there has been a lot of young athletes wanting to play these sports that the school doesn’t have. This could be good for the school, with all the great athletes Penns Valley has they could possibly make it far in the sports season which is a very positive outlook on the school and their athletics.