Finals Week!

Finals Week!

Heath Senator

Finals week is here and everyone is stressed and not ready to go. This week is finals week and there are a lot of projects due and test to take for the students of Penn’s Valley. I asked a couple of students if they are ready for finals this week and a majority of them said no, well neither am I.

It’s very interesting if you think about it because a majority of people just want to pass the final while others want a really good grade on it so that their end-of-the-semester grade is really good. There are also people that have to get a good grade on the final to be able to pass the class. Then there’s the best of all, the people that could care less.

This is very surprising to me because honestly, it’s not very hard to just pass your classes and graduate, I mean you only need a 60 or above to pass and then you can graduate and move on with your life. So I find it worthless when people go to school for the same amount of time as other people but don’t graduate. If you are forced to go to school (which everyone is) then make the best of it, grow up and pass your classes so that you can graduate. Honestly, it doesn’t take that much work to get good grades let alone pass your classes.

So I hope everyone that reads this and is still in school uses this as motivation to push through and do their best on the finals. Good luck to everyone taking finals this week.