Penns Valley Conspiracy Theory #1

A picture of the High School being renovated as they put the new AC system into the school.

A picture of the High School being renovated as they put the new AC system into the school.

Recently our school has gone through some renovations. These renovations included an improved library, new lockers, new gyms, and an AC system. Before these renovations, the school was sweaty hot at the beginning of the school year. The new AC has every chilled to the bone though. Everyone complains about how cold the hallways are and the classrooms are like the Antartica. Is there a reason behind this coldness that is blown onto us?

At the beginning of the year, we have an assembly and talk about the rules for the up-and-coming school. Something that is talked about every year and is dreaded most is… dress code. The fateful thing that makes girls compensate their cute outfits that show a little shoulder here or there. The thing that makes finding shorts impossible for girls. Dress code and broken AC how are they connected?

I was thinking about what to write about for this article, I thought about what everyone talks about and has some thoughts on. How cold the school is and the dress code. I put two and two together and I think I have solved the mystery of the cold school of Penns Valley. The figureheads of Penns Valley Area High school have thought of a solution to their problem of girls not wearing enough clothing… blast the AC.

Girls can come to school wearing their outfits of little clothing, but once they sit through the first block shivering, they give up. They give in to the AC and throw on a sweatshirt covering their entire top half. People continue to try to dress cute as they did in the summer, but still, the AC wins. The students of Penns Valley are covered by a sweatshirt by the end of the day.

Within the next couple of days, they give in to the AC. They are coming to school in long pants to their ankles, sweatshirts or long sleeves that cover even their wrists. They teachers jobs are made easier by the AC that blast cold air throughout the day, they don’t have to worry about people being distracted by other peoples shoulders. They can teach their class with everyone fully covered because they have to dress as they live in the North Pole.