Rocky Hockey


Adrian Gover

Hockey is the most exciting sport to watch. If I were to make a ranking, it would go, hockey, football, rugby, and then soccer. The reason it is hockey is because it’s high octane, fast paced, and action packed. The game itself is fast, they are skating on ice, you go fast. They play in an enclosed space. That means all the energy in a hockey game is contained within those walls. People and pucks are slamming against it. Occasionally one of the walls will break from a big enough hit. It is in an enclosed arena as well. Which means that the smaller number of people that it can hold still sounds like a lot. Aside from the energy, the game itself is exciting. It is full of fast paced sprints, jukes, passes, shots, and hits. And those hits are hard. You know you are in for a treat when someone can be taken out of the game by a legal hit. The reason hockey has its identity is because of the physicality. People are getting hit on every play. Pucks are being sent into bodies at the speed of a baseball. As I am sure you are well aware, there are also legal fights. When the players “drop the gloves” the whole stadium erupts. They fight for revenge, for sport, and to boost the morale of their team. There have been games where there have been all out brawls on the ice. The teams were only left with a few players on the beach, the rest were sent off with penalties. One game the entire offensive line of each team, three players each started fighting at the whistle. The nature of the small puck and quick movements can make it hard to track sometimes. That makes those quick one two goals that nobody was expecting even more exciting. Many other sports share these qualities, football being the closest. However, hockey does it the best and that is why it is the most exciting sport to watch.