The Redemption of Connor Kelly


Connor Kelly arrived at Penns Valley, a man of many things, pillow fighting champion was not one of them. This all changed when he set out for redemption against the current champion Michael Farley. This redemption resulted in a win, but how did he get there?

Connor Kelly worked to climb the ranks of contenders but lost every match. It was tragic to see the underdog lose so often.  I asked Mr. Farley “How was the first pillow fight against Mr. Kelly?” He said, “I felt embarrassed for him, when he first came to me he was weak maybe even feeble. He embarrassed himself in front of the whole class.” The young hero was down but he wasn’t yet out.

Though something eventually clicked with the young hero. After his fourth loss, it was realized he needed to train. So he left for the weight training room in Penns Valley. I asked Mr. Kelly, “What exactly motivated you to begin training?” He answered, “What motivated me to begin training was Farley calling me a Sussy Baka, it offended me to my core, and deep down I knew I could beat him if I poured my heart and soul into it.” That’s precisely what he did. He put everything he had into that training. He came out stronger than he ever was. He entered the classroom of Mr. Farley a new fighter. Boom! Pow! Wazam! The once champion was defeated by Connor Kelly in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Connor Kelly left Penns Valley behind along with his legacy, never to be seen fighting again.