Dunkin’ Meets Penns Valley


Leah Meyer, Journalist

The rumors are true! A Dunkin’ is coming to Centre Hall, just within a 10 mile radius of our school! Josh Moyer from Centre Daily Times stated, “[Dunkin] is planning to open this summer in Centre Hall at 479 S. Pennsylvania Ave., where First National Bank closed a few months ago, a public relations official confirmed to the CDT. It will be the first Dunkin’ in Penns Valley.” But what does this mean for residents and students here at Penns Valley?

According to the National Coffee Association, “overall coffee consumption is UP by 5% across the nation since 2015.” Dunkin’, along with other coffee chains, could very easily be a contribution to this increase. Many people choose coffee over other beverages, but are unaware or simply do not care how caffeine can actually affect the body.

Having such effortless access to a Dunkin’ could make it even more irresistible for our local consumers, since they will no longer have to make the commute to State College. However, extensive amounts of caffeine could become an issue. As many, but not all know, caffeine is a drug because it stimulates the central nervous system, typically resulting in a boost of energy. Unfortunately, this boost of energy is only temporary and there are other side effects that can occur after an immense caffeine intake. Caffeine may cause restlessness, an upset stomach, heartburn, high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, dehydration, anxiety, and dependency (reliance on a something to provide the same initial outcome, resulting in taking more and more of the it every time).

These cons of caffeine could have a serious impact on the learners of Penns Valley. Their day may start off with a cup o’ joe and plenty of energy, but eventually that energy can crash and students will struggle with focus and withholding the information being taught. This only applies to those who actually make it to school on time. Not even considering those who come in late after waiting in the packed drive through till 8 in the morning.

So where do we go from here? How can this be resolved? Is there even a chance for us?

Only time will tell.