Can Girls Basketball Do It? 


Skylar Fleshman

The girl’s basketball team ended their regular season with a 12-10 record. Their final ranking in District IV was five. The team will face the Lady Bearcats this Thursday (2/23) to see which team will move on to the next round. The five seniors Ann-Marie McMurtrie, Paige Dobson, Avery Dinges, Julia Emel, and Skylar Fleshman lead the team. The team has played the Lady Bearcats twice already and have unfortunately lost. Both games having a very close score. The Lady Rams do know though that they have a lot to prove in this game. The team has come to the conclusion that both times they played the Lady Bearcats they did not play at their fullest potential. 

The girls have been doing a lot to prepare for this big game. Some of the things they have done to prepare are things like watching film. They have watched film on themselves which is the most important. They have picked out things they know they need to work on as a team and things that they need to work on individually. They use this film to try and then correct themselves in practice. They have also watched film on the Lady Bearcats to see how they have improved since the Lady Rams last played them. They also try to pick out the Lady Bearcats’ weaknesses so the team can try and use that to their advantage. 

Another thing the girls have done to help prepare themselves involves the boy’s team. Unfortunately, the Rams did not make it to the playoff games so they offered to help the girls. Having the boys has been a tremendous help for the girl’s team. They are bigger and stronger so it helps the team make smarter decisions. Avery Dinges stated, “I think we are going to adjust based on how we played them the past previous times. I think we are going to win, but it will be a close game.” Come out and support the Lady Rams as they try and beat the Lady Bearcats!