Season Comes to an End

JH Sports


“The Junior High Lady Rams basketball season has come to an end on February 8th.”

Jordan Johnson

The Junior High Lady Rams basketball season has come to an end on February 8th. The head coach is Kurt Troxell and the assistant coach is Mackenzie Ironside. Coach Troxell teaches Social Studies at Penns Valley Area High School. Coach Ironside works at Penn State. The JH team has two managers. There is an A team and a B team that consists of 7th and 8th graders.

The A team’s record was 18 wins and 4 losses. I enjoyed playing with this team very much. We were like a family. When we watch the B team play, we are all talking to each other and making our bond stronger.  The B team’s record was 15 wins and 4 losses. Time went by too fast and everyone can agree with that.  

This season was junior high’s last time playing in the mountain league. They are now joining a new league with more teams. The team had many good memories in the 2022 to 2023 season. Here are some of our favorite memories. Coach Ironside enjoyed watching the team build chemistry throughout the year. The best part of the season for Mr. Troxell was watching the team improve and practice due to our positive attitudes. Manager, Katie Jodon, loved sitting with the A team while the B team was playing. Our team captain’s favorite memories are when a referee called Mr. Troxell an assistant coach (Sydine Dalton) and when Daisy yelled “You tell ‘em Suzie!” (Paige Johnson).

I only remember this season in a positive way. The coaches were supportive, taught me many important lessons, and helped me become a better player and person. A repeated phrase that Coach Ironside would always tell me is “Mental toughness” because in rough games I get a little hot headed. Coach Troxell would always say “Two games, two wins” after we win both games. That made everyone really happy and cheer as loud as we could. My favorite memory was when I made it through Ray Allen before the time was up. Even though the junior high season is over, the varsity team is working hard to compete in the district games. You can find junior high, junior varsity, and varsity game schedules here.